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Apex Legends Rank Boost

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One of our Master/Apex Predator boosters will log in to your account and win in ranked matchmaking with a high winrate on your behalf. Booster will use VPN to log in to your account and won’t use any kind of cheating software.

How does apex legends rank boosting work?

     Apex Legends rank boosting service goal is to increase apex account competitive rank in a fast and safe manner. It is possible when a high ranked apex legends player is playing on lower ranks. Apex Legends boosters have at least a master rank. The most experienced and the strongest boosters in our team are apex predator players. offer safe and speedy apex legends rank boosting service on PC, PS and Xbox platforms.

Why should I order apex rank boosting?

    Our main gold is to save time for our customers. The reason behind ordering apex legends rank boosting is not so important. We know that every customer wants to save time as our time is the most valuable thing we have.

     Apex rank boosting service can help you to play with stronger players and learn from them. Any player can be stuck at some point without any visible progress for months or even years. We can help you to break through an invisible wall so you can continue your journey through ranks.

    It may take ages to climb back to your real rank after some unlucky series of losestreaks. Tilted, bad mood, new mouse - anything can cause a losestreak. Surely, you can recover your rank yourself but need to invest your time. Sometimes it is worth simply boost your apex legends rank and enjoy playing on your level in just a few days.

How can I find my apex legends rank?

     You can see your current apex legends rank in apex legends game client near your nickname.

Who will boost my apex rank?

     We will assign an experienced apex legends rank booster for your order depending on its details. All our boosters are at least Apex Legends Master rank or higher.

How can booster access my account?

    Once payment is done we will ask you to provide your game account login and password. In case you have a security code to enter your account, you will need to provide that code to a booster in chat on the order details page when a booster logs in.

Are my account data and inventory safe?

     All data you enter on the website is encrypted. Boosters are not able to see any account details after the order is closed. 

Can I play with a booster on the same team?

    Yes, it is possible. Please check our Apex Legends Duo Rank Boosting service to order duo mode boosting.

Can I choose a booster or specify legends for my order?

     Yes, you can. You need to upgrade to a premium or higher package when placing an order. You will be able to choose a booster and pick legends right after payment.

When can you start working on my order?

     The average start time on apex legends rank boosting orders is 2-4 hours. However, it depends on the order details and chosen platform. PC orders might take less time to be started but console orders might time more time to have a booster assigned.

What’s the average speed for apex legends rank boosting?

     Apex legends rank boosting speed depends on the platform and the rank booster is playing on. On average Diamond - Master boost can take 2-4 days. Apex boosters are able to boost 1000+ rank points (RP) per day on most tiers.


Requirements for Apex Legends Rank Boosting service:

  1. Available ranked games (no ban)

    1. Your apex legends account should be able to search for ranked matches


Fill in order details and choose additional options
Go to check-out and add funds to purchase the service (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Wechat, Bitcoin and more)
Provide your account details needed to complete the order — access details or char name
Track your order progress in personal cabinet, communicate with booster and manage your order!
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By jahjahchadz
fast and efficient ! highly recommend no its not a scam and booster always keeps u updated. if u need to get out of toxic games bc bad conduct and start over fresh i highly recommend ! thanks
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Some miscommunication on when to do it but got the job done regardless.
Verified 05.09.2021
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By jhoang304
Quick and Efficient
Verified 04.09.2021
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Excellent work
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Goated service
Verified 13.09.2021
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By andrew.tucker.p
Speedy service and swift replies through the chat; thanks for doing this!
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Awesome service!!
Verified 17.09.2021
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By Ronald
You guys kept your word about getting it done within 24 hours. Love y'all
Verified 23.09.2021
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