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Dota 2
5 months ago
Best Dota 2 Mid heroes to boost MMR 7.31b by Pro
Welcome to a new episode of the best Dota 2 heroes to boost your MMR in the current meta by pros. Below is a tier list of recommended dota 2 heroes by the TI winner - torontotokyo. I will comment some heroes from each tier as in my previous review - best carries to boost mmr in dota 2. S Tier - Current Gods Lina and Kunda are definitely my picks too. I love playing on Lina any game as this hero is just a very strong mider and Lina can win any lane or at least not to lose. Strong nuke damage, extremely high right click DPS in the late game. Kunka is a good team composition hero to pick. A tank...
Dota 2
6 months ago
Best Dota 2 Carry heroes to boost MMR 7.31b by Pro
There are many carry heroes in Dota 2 and I recommend you try each one if you want to learn the game and to simply enjoy playing. However, there are some so-called “meta” heroes which are strong now and if you learn how to play those heroes you can increase your dota 2 MMR easily. Below is the list from TI champion Yatoroof the most popular and strongest carry heroes right now so you can boost your dota 2 account MMR to the leaderboards.   S Tier - Current Gods Void & Tiny - extremely strong heroes. Tiny has both magic damage and deadly “white” damage. Despite being in the S tier it is applic...
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