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Battlefield 2042 - The Sixth Installment of the Legendary Series is Nearly Here!
2 years ago

The wait has been long and hard for so many fans of the Battlefield series. Now, it is finally over and there are loads of news on the official Battlefield 6 game, known as Battlefield 2042. It is going to be both a homage from DICE developers and the first game in the same shooter series, Battlefield 1942, but also the first game set in the future since the 2006 game Battlefield 2142. This time around, the future is not that far off and instead takes place two decades from now. But, the thing that has so many players excited is the fact that it will bring a next-generation of shooter action to its fans, as well as the return of the famous sandbox-style gameplay. It is also promising many new maps, weapons, and vehicles, as well as an incredible level of environmental destruction which was somewhat lacking in the older games. Besides, developers are promising to have a lot of new mechanics in the game, as well as novel ideas on how these multiplayer shooter titles can bring in even more active players, especially now with so much competition from games like Call of Duty: Warzone. Here, all of the changes and updates to the game will be listed, among some of the most important facts about Battlefield 2042. With those gameplay details and the latest release dates, every Battlefield fan can commence the wait for this title with all relevant information anyone might need.

Announcement  and Supported Platforms 

Initially, Electronic Arts stated that Battlefield 2042 will get its launch on October 22, 2021. However, that date is no longer valid, but there are still plenty of reasons to be excited and the postponement will not be huge - it will take only a couple of weeks. That is why this year, come November, the players and fans of this seminal FPS series will have something to sink their teeth into. Also, as befitting of Electronic Arts, anyone who decided to preorder the game will receive a range of digital gifts and goodies, but also an invite to the Open Beta process as well. Initial plans stated that the pre-orders for Gold Edition and Ultimate Editions of the game would gain access in the form of Open Beta somewhere around October 15. The members of EA Play will get a free trial of 10 hours that they will be able to use to check out Battlefield 2042 in action. When it comes to the supported platforms, the game will cover all of the big ones. So, Battlefield 2042 will get its launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and naturally PC platform as well. However, there is a slight catch when it comes to older generation consoles. On them, the player count will be dropped by 50 percent, going from 128 to 64. Also, the maps in Battlefield will be limited substantially in both scale and size to accommodate for a smaller number of participants. DICE is promising that this will not negatively impact the overall experience of the players and that they will still be able to enjoy the famous Battlefield experience of chaos and incredible fun, which stems from so many players being in the same matches. Also, anyone who buys Battlefield 2042 for Xbox One or PS4 will be able to get an upgrade to a next-generation version without the need to pay anything extra. 

Sandbox Gameplay and Lots of It

As many analysts and gaming experts already pointed out, Battlefield 2042 seems to be bringing gameplay that is all about sandbox feeling and cranking it up to maximum. Some believe that this is going to be the loosest game in the series in terms of gameplay mechanics and how much liberty do players have with these. Trailers for the game show the amount of next-generation visual wonders that the DICE team prepared, but also the sheer scale of the maps and loads of distinct gunplay present even in the pre-alpha build. Specialists are also a big part of the excitement that is generated among the Battlefield players. The game will provide a range of these roles and all of them will come with many passive and active powers that the players will need to manage and use so that they get the best chance of individual survival. However, the same abilities will also be needed for the team victories if they are to happen. In the domain of characters or specialists, as they are called in Battlefield 2042, the key element of gunplay will be the necessity of each class to have a primary weapon. That weapon is something that the players have to carry with that class and it cannot be disregarded. For example, some specialists will come with a grappling gun that allows them to climb to high places. With it, even very high positions like the tops of construction cranes will be accessible, while other players will have no means to reach them. But, the secondary weapon will be open to any choice the player wants to make, even things that would not be otherwise connected to that role. This is why any specialist can carry heavy sniper rifles, grenade launchers, or anything else they might like to equip. Interestingly enough, the game will provide the ability to edit weapons on the fly, so players will be able to switch between different gun attachments in the matches. That will nicely compensate for the fact that players will have access to just one custom-choice on a picked-up gun while they play, having to rely also on their specialist primary weapon as well. 

Dynamic Maps

With a multiplayer-only mode, there is no doubt that Battlefield 2042 has to put all of its eggs in the basket that allows for a fun and competitive human-vs-human experience. The game will have an offline mode, but only housing bots that should help players try out new tactics and strategies. However, the full focus of the game remains on its multiplayer. That is why it will offer gameplay and maps on an unprecedented level. Also, the ability of players and the environment to destroy the world where they are gaming is going to be on a massive scale. In the title, the players will be able to get hit by tornadoes, sandstorms, and other events, all of which play with the overall narrative of a world that is stuck in a massive climate change, which then triggers a war between the US and Russia. In reality, millions of refugees have become non-pats, as their countries of origin are now swallowed by the sea and oceans. All of this makes for a grim vision of the future, but also a very fun and ever-changing ecosystem for gaming.  With huge climate events like these storms, even things like oil tankers or container ships will be able to get picked up in the sky and thrown away like ragdolls. The game’s new mode, called Hazard Zone, will fit in perfectly with this concept. The DICE team describes the mode as a squad-based game with high stakes. Some are certain this to be a version of a Battle Royale system, but Hazard Zone games will first have to be actually played for everyone to see how it actually looks like. But, there is no doubt that like with other maps in the game, new players will first and foremost become fascinated by the sheer size of the playing field and what choices in terms of gameplay it offers. 

Support for Battlefield in the Future

DICE is publicly committed to the supporting process for Battlefield 2042 in the first year, no matter what its success in terms of sales might be. That support will include additional content, a range of updates, and the battle pass system. These will be accessible through the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition purchases, but also a stand-alone option that the players can buy at a later date. The first four seasons of the game should take place during this guaranteed support period from DICE. Also, there will be many updates that are going to bring in new guns and maps, among other additions, but these will be free for the players and will come without any extra cost. However, the bad news in all of this is that Battlefield 2042 has officially been delayed. Its original launch date of October 22 is no longer active because of unforeseen challenges. Electronic Arts are connecting these to the COVID-19 pandemic and issues it keeps bringing to so many industries, including gaming. So, DICE and its publisher decided to place the new launch date for November 19. So, nearly a month and a half is the wait going to be longer for all Battlefield fans. Yet, with the pandemic, it is clear that delays like this are going to be inevitable and the said period is not catastrophic by any means. So, while Battlefield 2042 might come somewhat later than expected, most are assured that it will come as the next big hit in the multiplayer FPS domain.

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