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Best Dota 2 Carry heroes to boost MMR 7.31b by Pro
Dota 2
1 year ago

There are many carry heroes in Dota 2 and I recommend you try each one if you want to learn the game and to simply enjoy playing. However, there are some so-called “meta” heroes which are strong now and if you learn how to play those heroes you can increase your dota 2 MMR easily. Below is the list from TI champion Yatoroof the most popular and strongest carry heroes right now so you can boost your dota 2 account MMR to the leaderboards.


S Tier - Current Gods

Void & Tiny - extremely strong heroes. Tiny has both magic damage and deadly “white” damage. Despite being in the S tier it is applicable for high ranked players only as both heroes require good timings and execution. I would recommend watching some streams or replays to know the best build and timings. Void is probably a better choice for any rank below 4000 MMR as players can’t punish you if you miss some timings and void is one of the strongest carry in the late and ultra late game. Tiny is more of a snowball hero and you may find it hard to recover if you lose early/mid game too much.

I would also add Medusa there as Medusa is always an extremely strong hero for a turtle match and it can be a good counter pick to make top tier mid/carry.

A Tier - Your best friends

Antimage is strong as always as this hero has everything you need except for a stun probably. Make sure you have a good babysitter and simply farm until you have manta+basher. If you did it right you should have everything ready 24-28 min in the game. AM is super strong in mid/late game and can splitpush too - dont forget about it. I would recommend warding for yourself on lower MMR brackets as this will make you almost unkillable.TA, Monkey and TB are good heroes now but you need to make sure you know how to play them. All of those heroes can end the game in like 20-30 min or you can lose it in 15 min. Don’t overextend and wait for your items and skills. The main power of those heroes is that they can join their team quite early to push towers and roshan. Make sure to use this.

B Tier - Still good

I would personally change the tierlist but who I am to do that :) I am a big lower of sven and drow and both those heroes are tier s/a for me personally as I have played tons of games and boost many MMR for myself. Still I understand why those heroes are in B tier - you need a good team composition to make it work as well as know the timings. If you won’t have your items or good team to protect your drow - AM, Terror, Void and Tiny will destroy you. I would recommend heroes from B tier only to players who “feel” those heroes and can lastpick so you won’t be counterpicked easily.

C, D Tiers - Do or die

To be honest all heroes from those tiers are strong on paper. However, you need good team composition to make it work. My personal pick there is Juggernaut - good escape, good damage and stats. However, not as good as higher tier heroes. If Tiny got his items then jugger will have such a hard time farming as tiny will always find him and kill before the first skill is even clicked. I would recommend playing those heroes only if you feel comfortable with those but stick to  S/A Tier. 

I hope this small review was interesting and it will help you to boost your dota 2 mmr in the current meta. I will cover the best dota 2 mid heroes to pick from toronto in my next article!

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