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Best Dota 2 Mid heroes to boost MMR 7.31b by Pro
Dota 2
1 year ago

Welcome to a new episode of the best Dota 2 heroes to boost your MMR in the current meta by pros. Below is a tier list of recommended dota 2 heroes by the TI winner - torontotokyo. I will comment some heroes from each tier as in my previous review - best carries to boost mmr in dota 2.

S Tier - Current Gods

Lina and Kunda are definitely my picks too. I love playing on Lina any game as this hero is just a very strong mider and Lina can win any lane or at least not to lose. Strong nuke damage, extremely high right click DPS in the late game. Kunka is a good team composition hero to pick. A tanky mider with many different builds available. If you like playing solo then Lina is your best pick here. If you are more of a team player then Kunka and Death Prophet are also a great choice in the current meta to boost mmr. 

A Tier - Your best friends

Invoker is my most played hero and probably an S tier for me. However, this hero is not for everyone and not for every skill level. I would say it is a good one if you really enjoy playing on Invoker. Even if you are not a very good player yet it is okay - just enjoy playing and you will understand more and more how to move and combine spells. I would recommend staying with an easy Eul SS+Meteor+Blast build if you are a beginner. It is an old but still working build. Spirit is also great buy requires a good knowledge and high skill so do not try to pick it only because some pro put it as an A tier.

My personal recommendation for new players for mid - Zeus and Viper. Viper is strong for beginners as always. Zeus is just an easy hero to farm and do huge damage in fights which will help to win many important fights in mid/late game.

B Tier - Still good

Same situation on a B tier as well. I like playing on Storm only and I would not pick any other from that tier list as it is not my style heroes and I don’t feel comfortable playing on Earth Spirit or Bat. Keep in mind that if you feel those heroes and enjoy playing then it is a good time to use them. Storm Spirit is one of my favorite heroes and I enjoy playing on it. However, I would recommend picking it as a last pick otherwise you can be countered hard and may not be able to recover on time if the enemy team has a good push composition.

C, D Tiers - Do or die

Razor - Yes. SK - No. Puck - Yes. QoP - No. Void Spirit - Yes. That’s all I can say for a public matchmaking. Just from my experience my winrate is very low when I have SK or QoP on mid, haha.

I hope you like my quick review of best mid heroes to boost your mmr. As always, our professional team provides the best dota 2 mmr boosting on the market from Immortal players!

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