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Best Dota 2 Offlane heroes to boost MMR 7.31b by Pro
Dota 2
1 year ago

Welcome to a new the best dota 2 heroes to boost mmr review. This time we will check offlane heroes by Collapse - one of the best offlane players in the world. As always, keep in mind that those heroes are picked by a PRO player and many of them require from you a good knowledge and micro.

S Tier - Current Gods

Primal Beast is just an imba hero right now. If the enemy picked weak support without a stun to stop you - then lane is automatically won as you can stomp enemies easily even without a help from your pos4 sometimes. Top1 pick in my opinion as well. SK is good - stun, farm, reworked ult made him a tier1 pick again. Pango is not for everyone as you need to control it well to make it work. If you feel you can do it - then it is an awesome pick as well.

A Tier - Your best friends

Mars and Necro - my top picks from A Tier. I love those heroes and it is fun to play them. Mars is more to add control to your team and be more active on a map. Necro is better for some push strategies and if you need some additional tank in your team composition. Panda can be great if you can control all the pandas but it is a hard one especially for low-mid MMR brackets.

B Tier - Still good

Tide, Cent - easy to play heroes and I recommend to stick to those 2 if you want to simply boost your mmr and playing with random teammates. Those heroes can add huge impact, can easily farm both lanes and jungle and there is no need for some extraordinary microcontrol. Other heroes are amazing as well but require much more knowledge and experience to play so I would not recommend those heroes for beginners for sure.

C, D Tiers - Do or die

Situational heroes and I would recommend picking heroes from previous tiers if you want to boost your MMR with almost any team composition. My personal favorite from those tiers is Axe as it is one of my best offlane heroes and my personal A tier as I know how to play it. So if you feel the same way about some heroes from C, D Tier then don’t hesitate to pick it as long as you increase your rating with ez.

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