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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded - Key Info and Facts 
Call of Duty: Cold War
2 years ago

Recently, there has been some big upheaval in the world of the Call of Duty series. For many fans, especially younger players, the present conversations about this franchise are all about Call of Duty: Vanguard. This new multiplayer title is definitely gathering all of the hype and stealing the show on social media and gaming press. However, the current hits from this series are far from done in terms of presenting new and dynamic content. Both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone are prime examples of this concept and they have something exciting coming up. Both games share a battle pass system that connects the Black Ops release with this famous free-to-play battle royale world of Warzone. This shared gaming ecosystem of FPS action and mayhem recently presented Season 5, but there is a mid-season update coming up that will shake things up. The players of Cold War titles can expect a brand new map for multiplayer matches, but also a new mode that is making a big return and some events that will be time-limited. It goes without saying that the players can expect a lot of action in the Zombie department as well. In the case of Warzone, the action will include a new mode and an event that will take place in the middle of the season, which is connected to a strange broadcast series that happened across the region of Verdansk. However, this is by no means the only thing that either Warzone or Cold War are bringing soon to its fans. Here is a big breakdown of all of the important information and facts about this Season 5 reloaded consent. 

Plans of Activision

The company behind the game, Activision, outlined its plans to launch the content pack called Season 5 Reloaded some time ago. It will begin its rollout on September 9 across both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone but will take some time to fully present all of its elements to the gamers. The update is free on all consoles and platforms, meaning both the big console families and PC devices. Activision believes that the rollout of the season will take somewhere around a week. Cold War got the update first which Warzone was second in line some 24 hours later. However, the process has a bit of a stain behind it, as Activision Blizzard is currently in massive legal trouble. The company is included in a lawsuit that files it as the subject. That process took place in California courts where the company is trying to find a way to resolve the lawsuit that attacks its culture of ignoring harassment and other problems of harmful workplace activities. These have been quite a thorn in the side of Activision Blizzard and got a lot of attention, especially on social media. In the meantime, clips from Blizzcon events more than a decade old resurfaced, showing individuals in high positions in the company making inappropriate public comments about female representation in their games and many other things. All of these came back with a vengeance ten years later and the true damage to the company from all of this is yet to be seen in full. But, Activision is still pushing on with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone new content regardless. 

New Modes and New Maps 

Season 5 will bring a range of new content for both titles, which includes a highlight of maps and modes. In the domain of maps, the content will be a remake of Zoo, which is a popular Black Ops multiplayer map that came with an older DLC. It has been modified to accommodate 6-vs-6 lobbies and has a resized layout that strongly underlines park and animal exhibits. The monorail is still present and opens opportunities for snipers and the souvenir shop is there for close-quarter combat. In the case of the Cold War, the game will see the comeback of the Demolition mode. It came out way back in 2009 with the Modern Warfare 2 release but has not been present for a long time. Now, with Season 5, it will offer gameplay based on search and destroy principles where one team plans a bomb while the other one tries to defend its base. It will also allow for respawns. Furthermore, Season 5 Reloaded will offer additional Zombie content as well. Armada is a site of Warsaw Pact and NATO skirmishes in the ocean and will feature as a new location for the season’s Outbreak Region. Also, the Dark Aether storyline should continue throughout the locations in the murky water of the Atlantic. There, dimensional rifts produced energy spikes that have now involved nuclear submarines that sank, but also many zombies as well. Finally, the content will see a new world event as well. It will allow blazers to discover and locate four versions of the Black Chest, ranging from small to golden. 

Exciting Zombies Region

Season 5 Reloaded also caters to all of those blazers who are very into the zombie gameplay. It will first bring for them the Rampage Inducer. This is a canister of the essence, colored orange, that will be accessible in the starting zone for each match. It will scale the level of difficulty with zombies in endless sprint mode and a boost in their spawn rate before Round 20 begins or the squad is all dead. It will both complicate gameplay but also add a drastic new level of frantic excitement, which many players will dislike, but many others will simply love. 

Warzone Rumble

The 50-versus-50 mode known as Warzone Rumble is also coming back to Verdans, along with some changes. It will be called, as of Season 5 Reloaded, simply as Clash and will have two teams facing a battle based on deathmatch competition. The teams will have unlimited respawn chances until one gets to 500 points. It will take place on relatively small sections of the greater Vedansk, covering spots like Boneyard, Downtown, Factory, and other famous places. Warzone will, beyond Clash, introduce a battle mode that is known as Iron Trials ‘84. It will provide a huge level of challenge that will see players have big changes in time to kill, health, and viability of equipment. Complimentary loadout drops will no longer occur. That is why the players will have to purchase their gear and weapons from existing buy stations but use an increased price. All of that will boost the demanding nature of Iron Trials ‘84 drastically and is likely one of the key reasons why so many will choose to get NextLVL boosting services. With the help of dedicated boosting professionals who are well-versed in all of the aspects of Call of Duty games, but especially the minute elements of Warzone, anyone will be able to overcome Iron Trials ‘84 or any other part of the game quickly, easily, and affordably. That includes even situations with brand new content like the Season 5 Reloaded in this case for  Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Gulag Changes

For all those who get killed inside of the Iron Trials, there is still the Gulag. It will offer everyone a second chance to get back into the match, but Season 5 Reloaded will introduce some changes here as well. In Iron Trial Gulag duels, there will be no full-auto shotgun or semi-auto ones either. The appearances of tactical equipment will also be drastically limited and the winners of Gulag head-to-head fights will redeploy to the battlefield with the guns that got them their victory. 

Broadcast Locations 

Players in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone will get a limited-time event that will see the use of the mysterious broadcasts from Season 5. These include the Dragovich Program tapes that were previously present across the territory of Verdansk. Players who go and find trucks that emit these broadcasts will have a nice bounty to get as a reward. In Warzone matches, that will include a reward of 2,000 in-game USD that the team will be able to spend on new drops and purchases. Each of the trucks with broadcasts will also have a range of reward weapon charms, calling cards, and stickers. In the Cold War, their rewards will include a new arcade cabinet as well, all present inside of nine challenges. Those who overcome all of these in either title will get access to new Sai hand-to-hand melee weapons. 

Hudson Operator and Judge Dredd in Black Ops Cold War

Lastly, the range of changes and updates that Season 5 Reloaded include will come with two additional operator skins. The first one is Special Agent Jason Hudson who will join the fight inside of the legendary weapon blueprints. The other is the Judge Dredd skill available for Beck later in the same season. This will be an especially interesting variation because it will come as a cell-shaded skin, all in black and white. It will also have its blueprints for weapons with tracers and even a custom finishing move. All of this is reason enough for all to be more than excited for Call of Duty games and their excellent new content inside of Season 5 Reloaded. 

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