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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Overview - All Essential Facts!
Call of Duty: Cold War
3 years ago

The global community of online multiplayer shooter players is in a state of frenzy - Season One from one of the biggest franchises is finally out! That franchise is Call of Duty and presently, its newest additions - Warzone and Black Ops Cold War - are among the most popular multiplayer titles on the globe. With Season One, the developers are bringing even more integration of the Black Ops title into Warzone and vice versa! The aim of Activision, the company behind the series, is to provide a high level of cross-title integration, as well as cross-play possibilities. That is why Season One will also boost the number of available weapons in these titles to over 80, covering both primary and secondary guns. That should build upon the present number of over 50 different weapon types that are on offer in the Black Ops Cold War.

But, this is not all that the new season is bringing to the table. It also offers a completely new system of progression that will entice the more competitive and achievement-oriented players. Activision hopes that this will add even more value to those who like to explore free-to-play competitive games, but also bring in more flavor and depth to this battle royale juggernaut. Here is an overview of all relevant changes and upgrades in the game, along with a detailed breakdown of the new features in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as well as those in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Plan for Integration

Activision has not been idle about integrating these two titles in the period before Season One began. Instead, the publisher and the developers had a clear idea of having a high level of connectedness between these two titles even before the new season hit the servers. That is why the majority of Black Ops Cold War operators have been accessible to players inside the older Warzone. The idea behind this decision was to give a hint about the further integration laying ahead and give the players a small taste of the content in Season One. Now, that content is finally here and it goes above and beyond the things that the developers promised initially.

Brand New Experiences and Old Modes

In terms of the basic user experience, entering Season One will have felt exactly the same as before. Players will enter the pre-drop segment through their Play menu. From there, the players will have access to the featured playlists, along with the new ones from Season One. Then, they will be able to decide on the match mode: Practice Modes, Private Match, or Trials found in Modern Warfare. However, it is here that different features begin to appear.

New Weapons and Loadouts

Season One will feature weapons that are available in Black Ops Cold War as primary and secondary choices in Warzone, covering everything from the knife to the most advanced weaponry like the LW3 sniper. More precisely, that covers five SMGs, five assault rifles, four tactical rifles, three LMGs, three snipers, two shotguns, three pistols, and three launchers, along with the special launcher alternative. Lastly, the weapons will also cover one melee weapon, which is the knife. Also, players in Season One will be able to get free-to-acquire weapons. These will come courtesy of the tiers in the Battle Pass system, as well as from the in-game challenges. But, what about those who have maxed out their weapon in Black Ops Cold War? It will all be available in Warzone as well.

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Others will be able to unlock all of these elements and attachments in both titles and then share the same progression across the game spaces. Here, the Gunsmith option comes to the forefront. In this feature, all attachments unlocked in Black Ops Cold War will be accessible, which means that players will be able to utilize all of them in Warzone as well. Current and future variations of Blueprints are also a part of this setup, as well as any additional weapon that will be released in either Black Ops Cold War or War Zone. The same setup is clearly going to be a dream come true for all who want to share their favorite loadouts across the two games.

More Operator Choices and Two New Mil-Sim Options

Season One will also include two new operators Mil-Sim choices for both NATO (Song) and Warsaw Pact (Vargas) factions. These will be unlocked in Warzone on the launch, while they will be accessible in Black Ops Cold War sometime before that. This means that players will be able to choose between over 50 unique operators or randomly shuffle between them. This does not include future operators that will appear in Black Ops Cold War. Once these are unlocked here, they will be instantly added to Warzone. The same applies to unique Warzone operators that were accessible in Black Ops Cold War as well.

New Career Progression System

Warzone is getting a new menu once Season One kicks off and here the players will be able to track their progress in the domain of Military Ranks across each seasonal journey. The start of the season will also bring a synchronization across all three titles that will be based on the player's current Presgine Level or Military Rank. Those who have advanced beyond the Military Ranks will start the season at Level 1.


All previously unlocked in Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War, including things like perks, weapons, killstreaks, or scorestreaks will keep their unlocked state. In the season, as the players rise through the ranks thanks to their earned XP across all three titles, they will advance their Season Levels as well. These will use the Prestige Icons and Prestige Levels as they are currently seen in the Black Ops Cold War.

Continuation of Challenges

For all the players who did not get their titular Battle Royale or some precise game of Plunder, there should be no worries. All the missions from the previous seasons in the Mastery Challenges will be accessible even after the launch of Season One. They are all still present in the Challenges tab. As things stand presently, there will be no time limitations on these challenges.

Customization of Player Profile in Barracks

As the Carrer table becomes the new home for all progression-related options, the Barracks are now fully dedicated to the Player profile. Things like Emblems and Calling Card will be located here and transported from Black Ops Cold War, but also things like customization of Gestures and Sprays, but also tags from Regiments of Clans. In Warzone, the Barracks will hold player Records, including the player's Leaderboard and Commendations from previous matches.

Store and Battle Pass

Season One will bring its new Battle Pass as well. It will hold 100 tiers of different content, as well as bundles that can be found in the Store. Almost all of these acquired items will be presented in both Warzone and Cold War Black Ops, including elements like weapons that will be free courtesy of the Battle Pass system. However, skins for vehicles will be an exception.


As the two titles do not share their vehicles, this element will remain separate and skins cannot be moved from one Warzone to Black Ops Cold War or vice versa. Instead, the tier system will offer skins for specific titles. These will be presented in Store bundles as a bonus that comes on top of things like operator skins or Weapon Blueprints.

Unprecedented Crossplay Options

It is clear that Season One provides an unprecedented level of cosplay possibilities. This will be especially prominent for everyone who enjoys working on their loadouts and having the same options across multiple titles from the Call of Duty series. Of course, like any start to a major online game change, Season One will likely have some issues with all of these crossplay features. However, it again showcases that Activision and their FPS series remain at the top of their game on a global level.

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