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Is Call of Duty Boosting bannable?

There is no need to underline just how popular the entire Call of Duty franchise. In the past two decades, this game series first began its life as a humble addition to the overcrowded WW2 first-person shooter market. However, thanks to its sense of scale, brilliant game development decisions and a strong sense of replay value, the game quickly excelled among the fans of not just FPS games, but all those who are seeking a high-quality gaming experience. That title was followed by another addition to the series, which took the franchise outside of the World War 2 setting and into the modern age, recent past and even high-tech future. As this happened, the initial group of players slowly began to grow into a planet-wide following that involves millions of gamers who eagerly await every new title form the CoD series. Because of that, the franchise became a household name that has some of the highest levels of brand recognition in the entire domain of gaming, not just this genre.

CoD Multiplayer Revolution

The true Call of Duty revolution came once the series began focusing more and more on the multiplayer possibility and allowed players to enter matches against each other. In these tests of skill and tactics, many gamers of all levels of aptitude found their multiplayer home. Now, games like Call Of Duty: Warzone have incredible statistics - having 85 million active players is just one of those. Other additions to the series, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War offer a new entry point for millions of novice players who will only not discover the game. This game is presently the hottest CoD property and incredibly popular in its own right. Furthermore, it is almost guaranteed that many millions more will soon discover Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and start playing it. Because of that, it is no wonder that sometimes, getting ahead in any multiplayer alternative of CoD is incredibly difficult. At other points, reaching some particular achievement might also demand hours and hours of grinding and grueling activity. Some people desire to avoid that hassle and that is why they decide to get boosting services for their account. But, often, potential clients for boosting procedures might fear that this process is something that will land them in trouble or even see their account suspended and themselves fully banned from the game. Here is a breakdown of this possibility and an examination of what and how is legal in Call of Duty Cold War boosting and what could end up being a big problem for any player.

Legal Definition from Activision

Thanks to the sheer popularity of boosting services in the Call of Duty series, the company behind it, Activision, managed to define a very precise explanation of what it sees as an illegal activity. This comes in the form of an updated policy from this company regarding this set of issues. Otherwise, a range of problems would appear every day with hundreds of thousands of accounts. So, Activision defines Boosting as a process where users collude with other users to in some shape or form exploit one or more of their games. The purpose of that collusion is to gain things like prestige, experience points, weapon level, game score, or a weapon level. The purpose could also be the unlocking of one or more objects in the game. All of these behaviors are potentially subject to a penalty. The company also explains what penalties might come about for the first offense and then repeat offenses or those to the extreme extent. The first-time offenders might expect to be temporarily suspended from engaging with the game online. These players might also experience their weapon customization being reset, losing their emblems and statistics reverted, or losing their ranking on the leaderboard. Repeat offenders can expect a permanent ban or total account suspension, which in turn takes away all of the previously mentioned elements as well. However, that does not have to be the case with any process that aims to aid the player in their desire to advance further in any domain of Call of Duty. You read more about Call of Duty policy on boosting and cheating on their official website. Please note that by “boosting” they mean “Any user who colludes with another user to exploit the game for the purpose of gaining XP, prestige, game score, weapon level, or in-game unlock is subject to penalty.”. It means that legit boosting methods with account sharing is not part of “boosting” definition by Activision.

Practical Application of Illegal Boosting Methods


With the legal definition of the Cold War boost processes and similar activity, many will wonder what that actually means in the game itself. Essentially, most of this is related to the so-called CoD boosting lobby activities. Here, players create custom lobbies with the purpose of boosting each other’s stats. There are also things like in-game hacks including using so-called wallhacks or aimbot software, all of which improve a player's abilities in an illegal manner. Every one of these has one thing in common - Activations teams find out about them sooner or later and shut them down. When this happens, the repercussions of things like CoD boosting lobby will be drastic and depend on the number of previous offenses. But, in either case, the players who use them will not get away with it for long and once they are caught with any of these Cold War boosts, there will be a very steep price to pay, possibly even a permanent ban on the playing of the game. Fortunately, these are not the only options when it comes to getting Cold War Boost services.

Legal Call of Duty Cold War boosting


Because Activision clearly defined what boosting is in the legal sense and the game’s environment in terms of practical activity, it is important to note that there are safe alternatives to all of this. NextLVL is the perfect provider of the same services. With a dedicated team of professional boosters, these services will make sure that anyone can attain completely legit and safe means of improving their standing in the game, unlocking camos, or do anything else that a player might do. Instead of any illegal means of CoD boost services, NextLVL offers simple account sharing alternatives, which are both legal and fully in compliance with the rules of Activision. That way, the NextLVL professional boosters do not have to use any cheats or exploits. Instead, they can provide Call of Duty Cold War boosting that is both affordable and fully secure from any possible issue regarding things like account restrictions or bans.


To sum it up - it is safe for your account to use legit manual boosting like the one we provide on your website as it is not against Activision Terms. However, any kind of boosting lobbies or modding tools are prohibited and bannable as those methods are against Activision Terms. 

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