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Call of Duty Cold War - Boosting Lobbies. How it works?

With the new era of gaming dawning upon us, accounts for specific games have become a valuable asset that you can buy and sell. Depending on the level you have reached on your account and the number of cosmetic upgrades you have purchased, the account value goes up and can easily be sold to a rookie player who might want to start with a higher level of play.

Call of duty has been known for giving challenges to players that can help boost their account experience considerably on completion. Still, in some cases, those challenges can actually be challenging. When people didn't want to go through the grind of actually playing the game to complete the challenges, the concept of boosting lobbies came about.

The concept of boosting lobbies is not new since Call of Duty has been giving these challenges to players since the time of the very first modern warfare, and people always find a way around to make things easier.

Now, as we enter the new era of Call of Duty, boosting lobbies for Cold War have started popping up, and instead of boosting the experience on the account, most people have their accounts boosted and sold ahead.

How do boosting lobbies work?Since XP gain only works when you have joined a public lobby hosted by the game itself, completing all the challenges and gaining the full cosmetic upgrades from your battle pass can be time-consuming.

As a public lobby is needed, to make a boosting lobby, there must be about 11 systems, computers, or consoles along with the person's system who wants to boost their account. The key is to start searching for a similar match on all the systems at the same time.

This way, when you are in the matchmaking phase, you get paired up with the other people who searched together, and you get set up with the dummy consoles and PCs. After the match starts, the only player actively participating is you, and the rest of the players are just randomly running in one direction.

This gives you a chance to get maximum kills and a chance to complete the challenges you want to in a very short amount of time. With boosting lobbies, people can better their MMRs and get put in lobbies with a more competitive mood.

Plus, you can get all weapon camos and level up your weapons faster to get the best upgrades and attachments for them.

Why is it risky?

There have been cases where Blizzard has banned people who have been using multiple consoles or PCs themselves to join a game. If you think about it, getting the account on which you have invested all those months, even years banned over a bit of boost for experience, is not at all worth it.

Another problem with this is that there is no regulating body for these lobbies, and people have turned it into an independent business. The way it works is that you pay someone to be allowed to join their boosting lobby, which can be risky when making payments over credit or debit cards.

A lot of people have been scammed by these people and have had to get their cards blocked before heavy expenses were made on them.

In some cases, if the payment method is not being attacked, the accounts come under jeopardy. People reel players in with cheap rates, and once they have access to the account, the account gets hacked, and by the time you can bring it to Blizzard's attention that your account was hacked, it has already been sold ahead, and then things get complicated.

A Better Way to go about it

Instead of using techniques like boosting to unlock all the camos you want, you can maybe try the old fashioned way and get good at the game to do that. If you don't have the time or patience to do that, there are boosting lobbies that are legit and safe.

Here, at we use only legit cold war boosting methods, it is a bit more expensive but completely safe for your gaming profile. Our experienced cod boosters team can legitimately help you reach the desired level you want. We hire professional call of duty players who have been playing Call of Duty most of their lives, and either through playing duos with them or giving them your account, you achieve the boost you want.

When placing an order we ask you a specific level of achievement and assign a player who can get it done the fastest. The level of achievements and unlocking you want will determine the cost of the task.

Although this may be a bit more expensive than the boosting lobby method, this is the most legit way you can achieve whatever level you want and not have your account blocked or your card stolen. Here, at we don't process any payments or save your card information. All payments are done via PayPal or another payment operator side. Nothing is done on our pages. That can guarantee your cards info is save.

If you don't have enough time to complete some camos yourself or want to enjoy playing the game with all attachements, new battle pass levels, DM Ultra camo - you can always choose our cod cold war boosting service. We will help you to complete any desired challenge or mission. Beware of cheap "boosting lobbies" as it is a very risky method we don't recommend to use.

Whatever way you choose to go about it, you know the consequences now; everything that happens after this, you have no one but yourself to blame. Good Luck!

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