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Call Of Duty Cold War - How To Unlock All 4 Elemental Wonder Weapons In Zombies Mode
Call of Duty: Cold War
3 years ago

With things kicking off with a bang for Call of Duty - Cold War, the new zombie mode has been getting a lot of attention from online gamers and streamers. The gameplay is reminiscent of the older version of the zombie modes in the Black OPs franchise, but this time you get amazing weapon upgrades with a ton of easter eggs to discover.

Unlocking the Base Rarity - Getting the D.I.E Gun

What makes Call of Duty Cold War Zombie mode the best is how it progresses, from areas to unlock to new weapons you find all while fighting endless hordes of zombies out for blood is a constant thrill for players.

Similarly, unlocking the four elemental wonder weapons requires the player to perform a specific set of tasks to get each of the upgrades. Let's start with the first step. The very first step to getting the D.I.E wonder weapon is to turn on the power and build the pack and punch machine in the Dark Aether.

Doing both things will allow you to face a radioactive zombie in the next round whom you will have to kill to receive a golden key card that will remain in your inventory for the rest of the game. The radioactive monster has to be killed twice since it splits into another version of itself once you kill him the first time. The key card will drop after you kill it the second time.

Make sure to do all these things as soon as the game starts. Once you have received the keycard, go to the weapons lab and insert the keycard into the weapons drawer with the blinking red light. The drawer opens up, and you can collect the D.I.E remote control.

Head to the Living Room area of Nacht Der Untoten, where there is a locked door with the D.I.E gun inside, and through the hole in the wall, activate the gun, which now acts as a mini trap and sucks zombies in. Lead the zombies to the gun, and it will consume them until it is fully charged, then once again use the remote control to discharge it. The discharge blast will open the locked door, and you can pick up the D.I.E gun.

Unlocking the Electric D.I.E Upgrade

The first free upgrade is the Electric D.I.E upgrade. To get it, once you get the D.I.E gun, you will have to get some kills, after which a portal will unlock right below a staircase under pack a punch. Make sure you enter through this portal and not the one that spawns on the surface, as this will lead you to a world that will allow you to pack a punch.

Once you enter the portal, you will find a glowing crystal in this world, which you can suck up with the D.I.E gun to create a supercharged D.I.E shot. Once back, head back to where you originally entered through the portal under the stairs, and there you will find a box in the corner. Shoo the box with the supercharged shot, and one of the yellowish lights on the box will light up.

Since the portal has a time limit, it will eventually disappear, and you will have to get enough kills to make it reappear and supercharge the D.I.E gun once again. If you're fast enough, you can complete all three charges in one go. If not, start shooting zombies again. Repeat the process of shooting the box with two more supercharged shots, which will open it, and you can collect the D.I.E electrical upgrade.

Unlocking the Fire D.I.E Upgrade

The fire upgrade is the easiest to do. Head on over to the Crash Site, where you can see a box underneath the crashed body of a plane. Shoot the box a few times to open it. Once open, you can see the box contains a fuse.

Since the plane crashed on top of the box, you cannot grab it, so you will have to enter the dark aether where the plane will be lifted up and grab the fuse. Once you grab it, head straight to the Weapons Lab, and jump in the pit right under the hanging nuke.

In there, opposite the Deadshot Daiquiri, you can find a spot that looks like a drill above a box. Place the fuse in the machine, and the drill will laser the box in half, after which you will be ejected from the dark aether; after returning to the normal world, head on over to the Pond where there will be a pickup truck among the destroyed vehicles containing a box in its back. Open the box and collect the fire blast upgrade.

Unlocking the Cryo Freeze D.I.E Upgrade

Head on top of Nacht Der Untoten and shoot the box that sits right on the ledge of the roof with your fresh D.I.E gun. The box will break and give you an empty flask. Collect it and look for the radioactive tank zombie.

The next part is a bit tricky. You have to get the radioactive zombie to shoot a tree that has mushroom growth on its side. This may take a few tries. Once done correctly, the mushrooms will start glowing, and you can place the flask underneath it, which will start filling up with a blue liquid.

After collecting the full flask, head on towards the medical bay, where you will find a chained box next to speed cola. You can now freeze the box's chains and collect the Cryo Freeze upgrade from it.

Unlocking the Toxic D.I.E Upgrade

For the fourth upgrade, you will once again have to head to Nacht Der Untoten, where in the back left corner of the mezzanine, which is inaccessible, you will see a gas container. To grab it, take out your D.I.E gun and use the sucking mechanism. The container will come to you, and then you can pick it up.

Once in possession, head to the weapons lab to the same spot under the nuke where you can find Deadshot Daiquiri, and in the right of the pit, while facing Deadshot, you can find a slot where you can place the container.

Once in position, you will have to kill a plague hound that spawns near it. The plague hound explodes, and the toxins are collected inside the container. Grab the filled container and head on over to the Crash Site. There next to a wall with barbed wire on top, you will find an upgrade box covered in vines.

Place the container on top of the box and shoot it. The gas will kill the vines, and you can collect the toxic upgrade from the box.

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