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CoD: Vanguard Season 2 patch
Call of Duty: Cold War
2 years ago

Season 2 update for Call of Duty: Vanguard is about to go live in a few days. We have collected everything you need to know about the upcoming update and be ready for a release. 

Season 2 update was delayed which made many players unhappy about that so everyone is ready to download and try the new patch. We hope everything will go smooth without annoying bugs and crashes as it happens sometimes. We want to bring a quick review of changes you need to know. The update is going to be big with new weapons and new maps. 

Vanguard Season 2 patch release date 

According to official information from Activition Vanguard’s Season 2 update will be available for download on February 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT. However, the new season will only start on February 14.

New Operator from the start 

We are gonna see a new operator, Anna Drake to join Vanguard family on the release date and two more to be added during the season - Thomas Bolt and Gustavo Dos Santos.

Our team is always happy to help you unlock the operator and max level it to unlock new skins. We think all three operators look great! 

New weapons to come on the battlefield

Vanguard Armaguerra 43 SMG

There will be Four new weapons in total in Season2. will be making their way to Vanguard during Season 2. New weapons are usually very powerful and popular as they arrive on Call of Duty warzone. Season we will have one new Assault Rifle KG M40 and LMG Whitley available from day one. Two more weapons will be available during the season - a melee weapon Ice Axe and one more SMG - Armaguerra 43.

We accept preorders now so you can be the first to try new weapons and unlock new skins for it. We offer unlock + leveling as well as gold camos boosting for all season 2 weapons.

New  Vanguard Season 2 maps

Gondola map Vanguard

Players will be able to play on two very different new maps - Gondola will take players to frigid European mountains, while Casablanca will transport players to the African desert.

Our boosters are eager to try those new maps and we expect much action on both.


Ranked Mode in Season 2

Players have been for it since Vanguard launch - Ranked play. It will be start as in a beta mode to test everything and tweak balance if needed. Our team is ready to calibrate and increase rating on ranked mode similar to Cold War League Boosting service. 

Another mode that will go live is “Arms Race” mode which will be added later during the season. There is no much information on this mode and there were no leaks but we hope it will be fun to play and bring some new mechanics to Vanguard. 

Vanguard Season 2  full update patch notes

Legendary tier 100 skin vanguard season 2

New Maps: 

  • Casablanca

  • Gondola

New Mode: 

  • Ranked Play Beta. 

  • Arms Race (more to come later in the season!)

New Killstreak:

  • Ball Turret Gunner for 12-kill streak 

New Lethal Equipment:

  • Sticky Bomb: A grenade that sticks to surfaces before detonating.

New Perks:

  • Armory – Perk 1: A direct counter-Perk to Engineer, Armory is ideal for Operators who use more than just their weapons in combat, namely placeable Demolition Charges, concussion mines, and placeable Field Equipment pieces.

  • Mechanic – Perk 3: Mechanic provides a reasonable buff to Field Upgrade charge time, making it a must-have for completing challenges related to them or for Operators who love using them.

Upcoming Seasonal Event:

  • Valentine’s Event – Feb. 11-17

Vanguard Operator with Whitley LMG



  • Made several improvements to player textures and animations that resulted in Packet Burst spikes. 

  • Stability improvements should result in better connectivity and lower crash rates. The time to connect to Online Services should also be reduced.   

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in disconnecting during MVP Highlight Animations.


  • General

    • A thorough pass on map environments has been completed to fix objects with unintended collision, issues with portaling through the ground, and to remove out-of-map exploits.

  • Champion Hill

    • There will no longer be two consecutive buy rounds at the beginning of every Champion Hill Duos 2v2 private match.

    • A bug has been resolved that resulted in players losing Perk and Field Upgrade functionality in Private Matches if they played a match in Champion Hill previously.

    • Spawn improvements have been made for teams of three.


  • Control

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in matches ending prematurely after a spectator disconnects.

    • Late match joiners are now able to spawn in when lives are available.

    • Swapping to spectate/different teams now consistently updates the lives left.

    • The last player alive warning now consistently appears.

  • Private Matches

    • Silent Plant Option now works in Search and Destroy Private matches (fixed Feb 3rd).


  • Seasonal Challenges

    • All players can now unlock Season 1 Mastery Cards after completing all challenges.

    • Field Specialist challenge is now tracking for all players.

    • Counter Measures challenges are now tracking consistently for all players.

  • Operator Challenges

    • The Diamond operator skins will now unlock for Barbarian and Shadow operators.

  • Welgun 

    • Gold and Diamond camos are now unlockable after completing all weapon Challenges.

  • Launchers 

    • Ground based Killlstreaks now count towards the ‘Deadeye’ camo.

Weapon Adjustments

  • Combat Shield

    • Fixed a bug that exposed player’s heads to damage above the shield.

  • Throwing Knife

    • Distortion VFX have been removed.


  • Incendiary Grenade

    • Fixed a bug that caused additionally visuals to appear when Incendiary Grenades are used.

    • Number of Incendiary Grenade uses are now tracked in your combat record.


  • Dauntless

    • Suppression no longer applies to players with the Dauntless perk when the player is hit by shots.

  • Engineer

    • Players are no longer able to see an enemy Goliath’s diamond through walls without the Engineer perk.


  • Glide Bomb

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in graphical corruption when Attack Dogs were killed by a Glide Bomb.

  • Mortar Barrage

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the flare and smoke VFX from previously called-in Mortar Barrages temporarily re-appear.

    • Deploying the Mortar Barrage will no longer force-switch the player’s weapon.

  • Flamenaut

    • Activating the killstreak and getting killed at the same time will now grant you the killstreak.

Field Upgrade

  • Fix a bug with Deployable Cover that resulted in constant screen shake.

Bundles & MTX

  • Attack on Titan

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in missing VFX on the Kar98k.

  • Year of the Tiger  

    • Players who purchased this Bundle but did not receive the Tiger Blueprint, should now have the item.

  • Red Reactor Mastercraft 

    • Tracers are now displayed on weapons as intended.

  • Graveyard Shift Mastercraft

    • “Ashed” tracers will now display correctly when applied to the Ore Sniper Rifle.

  • Animalistic

    • Fixed a lighting bug with the Aquatint SMG that cause unintended lighting effect.

  • Santa Slay

    • The Lucas Operator outfit, “Yarn Burner”, is no longer invisible for some players.


  • A bug has been fixed that stopped players being unable to select a weapon when editing Prestige weapon classes.

  • Prestige player progression is now viewable and tracking properly.

  • Watch preview is no longer missing from the Battle Pass menu.


  • A bug resulting in Play of the Game not playing or ending early has been fixed.

  • Quips no longer play after an Operator is dead.

  • Free Trial players should no longer encounter the error “This content is only available in the full game.


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