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How to unlock Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark
Lost Ark
2 years ago

Chaos dungeons in Lost Ark is the first “end game” instance a player can access to start gearing up. You will get your first items and materials to upgrade it to a higher level. If you are a new player you can find out that you have no access to Chaos dungeons upon reaching level 50.

Unlocking Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

In order to be able to access your first chaos dungeon you must complete the storyline up to Vent Castle and complete the last quest called Ealyn’s Gift and be level 50. Once it is done you will have access to chaos. You will be able to find Chaos Dungeon in capital cities on islands as well as honoring master. 

You can complete chaos dungeons solo and do up to 2 runs per day for maximum rewards. You can still do more runs but you will receive only limited drops from each run. However, you will be able to trade those crystals for materials and gear as well.

Chaos Dungeons Stages

Each Chaos dungeon includes a few stages. You will need to clear all mobs on each stage in a limited amount of time. On stage 1 you will need to clear all enemies spawning in a small room. On a stage 2 you will need to defeat all bosses to spawn a stage boss. Upon defeating it you will enter stage 3 where you will need to destroy crystals and kill mobs waves.

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