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Lost Ark Leveling Guide
Lost Ark
2 years ago

“How to level up faster?” - Everyone starting a Lost Ark leveling process has this question. There are many different tricks and carries in other games to level up faster. For example, in Diablo you can team up with a higher skill character to carry you through some end game content and level up your character in just a few hours. There is no such thing in Lost Ark and you need to level up each character manual just by completing quests. So there is no exploit or hidden technique to level up faster. However, we have prepared some tips you can use to avoid common mistakes when leveling your character that will help you to save your time while leveling.

Side quests

Side quests are optional and you are not required to complete them all. However, we recommend taking all side quests while you are leveling as it will give you extra XP and sidequests usually require almost no extra time from you to complete it. Also, make sure to complete “red” quests you can receive while traveling as those quests give a good extra XP boost to your.


You will see many dungeons which are not required to enter while leveling - do not complete them unless you are completing your adventure book. You will level up fast and all items you receive will become irrelevant in the next zone already. We recommend not to waste any time completing extra dungeons and complete them always on a normal difficulty. There is not need to complete any dungeon in the hard mode as you will spend more time almost for nothing.

Completing Adventure Book

If your goal is to level up as fast as possible you should not focus on completing your adventure book or collecting mokoko seeds - you can do it later. The only thing we recommend to do is to activate all portals so you can use them later to teleport.

Other tips

Always use a horse - make sure to bind your mount on the keyboard (I use 7) and use it every time you need to travel. Do the same thing with songs to quickly escape from the dungeon. Do not hesitate to use Triport everytime you see it is faster to teleport instead of riding. You do not save any armor or weapons as you won't use any of it. You can save materials, cards etc. but do not waste time activating them as you don’t need all that while you are leveling. 

As you can see there is no quick way to skip the leveling process and you can only optimize it. If you don’t want to complete quests for your alts again and again our team can help you to skip that process. Lost Ark Leveling is the service you can use for your alts to save your time.

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