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Modern Warfare Weapon Camos and How to Unlock Gold, Platinum, Obsidian, and Damascus

As always with Call of Duty, there are plenty of camos to grind for, and Modern Warfare is no different. After proving your skill at playing the game and unlocking all 100 weapon camo variants, you're then ready to embark on a new journey - to unlock Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian weapon camos. These camos are the pinnacle of weapon mastery in the game and are sure to turn some heads. If you're ready to do some serious camo grinding, then we have you covered.

COD MW Camos Explained

There are ten categories for each weapon type in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. These are Spray Paint, Woodland, Digital, Splinter, Topo, Tiger, Stripes, Reptile, and Skills. Players unlock each category simply by reaching a certain weapon XP level, which you do by playing the game and using the gun to get kills. Camos can function as an unofficial signal of rank, so there's prestige in unlocking the hard to get camos. For example, if you're sporting the base level Woodland camo on your MP5, other players will assume you haven't put many hours into the game and might clock you as an easy target. So what are the hard-to-get camos? Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian.

How to Unlock Gold Camo in COD: MW

Some players want Gold on their way to Damascus, and others are happy with just getting to Gold. Getting a CoD Gold Camo is no easy feat. First, you have to unlock all 100 camo variants from each of the ten categories. To do this, you'll have to complete a series of challenges like hip-fire kills, headshot kills, crouch kills, and more.

It's important to note that each weapon class has slightly different challenges and criteria, so it's important to always check each weapon's individual challenges, rather than assuming they are the same across the board. For example, to unlock all Spray Paint camos with an Assault Rifle, you'll need to get 800 kills in total, but with an SMG, you only need a total of 500 kills. To unlock the Woodland camos with an Assault Rifle, you need 125 Headshots, but to unlock the same camos with a Shotgun, you need 75 Crouching kills. Some camos also require you to have no attachments on your gun (Reptile), while others require five attachments (Tiger) - but again, it's not the same for every weapon class.

According to developers, it takes around 18 hours of grinding to reach Gold for each individual weapon. There's no way around this; you'll have to put in the time. With this in mind, it's best to pick one weapon to grind to Gold rather than working on multiple simultaneously.Tips For Unlocking Gold FasterWhile you can't skate through to Gold with only a few hours of playtime, you can make sure that you're using your time efficiently by optimizing your playstyle. Here are our tips on how to do this:

  • Pay attention to attachments - For example, hip-fire kills, it would be a good idea to equip the 5mW Laser and the Merc Foregrip since it improves your hip-fire accuracy.
  • For crouching kills, the best strategy is just to make it a habit. Try to crouch at the end of sprinting and before every kill.
  • For mounted kills, Domination and Ground War are the best game modes since they have clear player flow points.

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How to Unlock Platinum Camo in COD: MW

To unlock Platinum camos, you need to unlock Gold on all weapons of a specific class. For example, if you want Platinum for your MP5, you'll need to unlock Gold on every SMG weapon. Let's be honest; this is a daunting challenge. Getting Gold on one weapon is relatively straightforward if you're dedicated enough, but you need titan levels of determination to go for Platinum. Still, all that hard work is worth it when you get your shiny CoD Platinum camo.

There are a few ways you can go about unlocking Platinum, and which one you pick will depend on your goals. If getting Platinum is your end goal and you don't plan to go for Damascus (or at least, not anytime soon), then it's best to grind for Gold weapons on your favorite class. Reemer, you're going to be putting a lot of hours into this, and it'll go faster if you're having fun. If you want Platinum quickly, or you want to start knocking off some Platinum camos on your way to Damascus, then you might want to start with the "easier" weapon classes. SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns are generally considered to be easier than the other weapon classes.

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How to Unlock Damascus Camo in COD: MW

It's official - you're a CoD God. To unlock the CoD Damascus camo, you need to earn Platinum on every weapon in the game, or to put it another way, unlock every single camo in the game.

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How to Unlock Obsidian Camo in COD: MW

The CoD Obsidian camo is a more recent addition to Modern Warfare, and this bad-ass looking skin doesn't disappoint. Unlike Platinum and Damascus, where you unlock the camo on all guns after you've met the requirements, for Obsidian, you need to complete challenges for each individual gun. Here are the requirements for each weapon class:

  • Assault Rifle - Get 15 kills in a single match 200 times.
  • SMG - Get 15 kills in a single match 150 times.
  • LMGs - Get 15 kills in a single match 150 times.
  • Shotgun -Get 15 kills in a single match 150 times.
  • Sniper Rifles - Get 15 kills in a single match 125 times.
  • Marksman Rifle - Get 15 kills in a single match 125 times.
  • Pistol - Get 15 kills in a single match 100 times.
  • Riot Shield - Get 750 kills.
  • Knife -Get 10 kills in a match 125 times.
  • RPG-7 - Get 5 kills in a match 150 times.
  • PILA, STRELA-P, and Joker - Destroy a vehicle or killstreak 100 times.

If you want Obsidian on every weapon, then you're looking at playing a whopping 1275 matches minimum! If you don't have so much free time to unlock Obsidian - you can always order it from our shop - CoD MW Obisidian Camo Unlock Service.

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