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What is call of duty boosting and is it safe?
Call of Duty: Cold War
2 years ago

If you have that question it probably means that you are a new player to the Call of Duty series. So we will explain it step by step as you will have more questions if we give just a one sentence explanation. 

There are many activities in Call of Duty game, some of activities are very optional like challenges and achievement badges and others are kind of must have if you want to enjoy the game and have the same chances of winning as your opponents. That includes cod weapon leveling and cod military rank boost for example. As a fresh account you always start with a level 1 military rank and you have a limited weapons list to start with. Moreover, those weapons have no attachments, reticles that are very important as some attachments may change your KD and winrate dramatically.

You naturally level up weapons and your military rank as you play in official matchmaking games. First levels are usually very easy and you will have a few favorite weapons of your choice you will play with. However, as you will progress and your rank will raise you will unlock new weapons and new attachments to work with. There are more than 50 weapons in the game and leveling just 1 weapon to a max level can take up to 1 week for a regular player. It may take ages for level up weapons if you wanna try all weapons and classes. Our service helps players to save time by doing it on your behalf. It means that one of our experienced players will log in to your account and play in official matchmaking on your behalf. The service for leveling weapons is called cod weapon leveling service.

Basically, call of duty boosting services help players to save time and still reach desired results in the game. It includes not only weapon leveling but also competing hard challenges to get an achievement, unlock gold, diamond, dm ultra or atomic camos, increase KD and many other services.

Is cod boosting safe?

That’s a very common question visitors ask in our support chat. The answer depends on what kind of boosting you are using. There are few ways to boost your call of duty account - a legit one and others. I will start with explaining the legit one as that’s the one is offering to our customers. 

If you buy cod boosting from us we will assign a professional call of duty player with a great experience to complete the challenge you need help with. Our player will log in to your account and complete a challenge by doing it in-game without any third-party software. Our boosters can team up in order to speed up the boosting process but that is totally fine as it is not against the rules. That’s a legit and a safe way to boost and the only way we use to provide cod boosting services. We can say without a doubt that cod boosting is a safe boosting for your account.

Cod Boosting Lobbies and Mod Tool

     However, there are other boosting methods in the Call of duty series - boosting lobby and exploits or so called “mod tool”. Using an exploit to unlock anything in-game is obviously a bannable thing as it is cheating and you break the game code to unlock camos, xp levels, etc. Boosting lobbies are usually hosted by players who have many consoles and they make a game that are real people. They invite your account in-game so you can kill enemies, complete challenges etc. Usually they say it in a safe way because they don't exploit. However, it is not true. Both those methods are illegal and usually lead to account ban as those are against terms of activision.  

You can read more about it on this page - URL. As you can mention they prohibit only illegal ways of boosting which includes exploits and unfair methods of XP gaining.

How can you know cod boosting service is safe? 

     The first thing to look for is a price and expected date to finish the service. If you play Call of duty you should know that vanguard camos boost takes time as you need to level up the weapon first and then complete all those challenges to unlock the gold camo. It usually takes like 12-24 hours for an experienced player. If someone offers you to unlock a gold game in just an hour - that's an illegal method for sure. That’s also a reason atomic camo can’t cost 100 usd as it requires weeks of work from a booster and no one will play 8 hours per day for 3 weeks to earn 100 usd. 

     A second thing to look for is a website and reviews of course. If it is a clean website with connected visa/mastercard payments and good reviews - probably it is a legit one cod boosting service website. Having “autopayment” connected to their website means the company is verified and such websites care about their reputation alot. If it is a seller on a forum or marketplace it doesn’t mean they are illegal methods but there is a very high chance as service will be marked as completed and you won’t win any dispute because you will actually have your cod camos or xp boosted. Those achievements can disappear and account can be banned in a week or in a month because of illegal boosting methods like boosting lobbies or exploit. 

So what is cod boosting?

     Cod boosting can be your time saver and your personal game carry or something that will ruin your account and bring only negative experience. It all depends which services you choose. We guarantee that your cod account is safe with

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