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CoD:BO Cold War Bullfrog Leveling



      This service will increase the level of SMG Bullfrog up to 55. On 55 level you will have all attachments and camo challenges unlock for the weapon. We will assign a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War pro to level up Submachine Gun Bullfrog up to the 55 level. COD:Black Ops Weapon power leveling may take much time and it is less fun to play without many attachments and reticles. A booster will use multiplayer and/or zombie mode in order to level up the Bullfrog weapon. A booster will log in to your account with a VPN of your region or country. No kind of cheats or bot software will be used in the cod cold war Bullfrog powerleveling service process. Manual legit boosting only.


When can you start working on my Bullfrog power leveling order?

  • We usually start working on Cold War weapons leveling orders within 2-4 hours after purchase. However, we try to match our boosters together to complete the service as fast as possible, and sometimes it may result in start time delay as one player may need to wait for teammates to come online. That isn't affecting the expected completion time. 

Can I use my account during the boosting process?

  • We allow arranging a time to play with your booster. However, we highly recommend not logging in to your account at all until the order is completed to avoid any possible issues with the order or account.

Core Benefits:

  • Bullfrog weapon level increased
  • Unlocked attachments for Bullfrog
  • Some experience for your account
  • Some stats increased


Requirements for COD:Black Ops Cold War Bullfrog Power leveling Service:

  1. The Weapon should be unlocked
  2. There are no special requirements for this service


Fill in order details and choose additional options
Go to check-out and add funds to purchase the service (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Wechat, Bitcoin and more)
Provide your account details needed to complete the order — access details or char name
Track your order progress in personal cabinet, communicate with booster and manage your order!
CoD:BO Cold War... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By jeff.slohoda67
Had a hard time communicating with booster, but got it done quickly!
Verified 12.10.2021
Cold War Sniper... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Michal Nykiel
Omg 😳 you guys rock 🤘 . You guys are the best , it only took you one and half day to do it . If I was doing it it would take me few months . I for sure will recommend you to my friends and what to tank you one more time. Sorry for being a pain in the ass . But the wait time was worth it 100%
Verified 21.10.2021
Cold War Melee... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By ilkerkansiz
Fast and good service, only negative experience was communication. It was not possible to arrange playing times with the booster himself since booster do not interact via chat apoarently. Luckily though the chat function is working well and you get fast support via live chat. It was not perfect at the end but the job was done (3x diamond camos - rpgs, meeles and tacticles) within 4 days.
Verified 07.10.2021
Cold War Launch... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By brandon4615
Excellent and quick. Will come back in the future
Verified 06.10.2021
Cold War Launch... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Aston
Awesome job again
Verified 01.10.2021
Dota 2 Duo MMR... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By MaxCahill
I played whole order with Abdul. It was wery awesome. We were able to schedule the games (based on my free time) with him joining exactly on time. While searching for games we chat together - he is very kind. Ingame he has managed to lead the team to victory. My overall experience is very good. I was very satisfiend. If I'm ordering next boost, then my condition will be to play with Abdul. And yes, I will recommend your service to my friends, if they will ask for it.
Verified 14.10.2021
Apex Legends Ra... Apex Legends Boosting Service
By dalitch1523
Very good, thanks alot
Verified 21.10.2021
COD:MW Damascus... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Boosting
By Bznzman28
AMAZING JOB!! Completed the order on time!
Verified 21.10.2021
Dota 2 100 Hour... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By DDpower
really good
Verified 22.10.2021
Dota 2 100 Hour... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By DDpower
really fast
Verified 22.10.2021
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