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What is COD MW Weapon Unlock?

Modern Warfare Weapon Unlock refers to the procedure of undergoing a specific set of weapon challenges and purchasing an in-game Battle Pass to gain access to the variety of intriguing seasonal weapons. Each season introduces unique unlockable weapons and countless other attachments to go alongside it. Also, whether it be Modern Warfare weapon unlock or Warzone weapon unlock, the upgradable perks and exciting rewards make it all the more worthwhile to have them in your inventory.

How does COD MW Weapon Unlock Work?

Whether it be AN-94 Assault Rifle or the popular GRAU 5.56, you can get your hands on whatever weapon you desire by going through the in-game challenges for that particular weapon. Modern Warfare weapon unlocks work similar to how the game's ranking system works, that is, by the XP you gain from your opponents' death. The more games you play, whether it be for the sake of Modern Warfare weapon unlock or Warzone weapon unlock, completing your games regardless of whether you win or not, will earn you XP necessary for weapon unlocking and upgrading.

Although it sounds simple, it is vital to keep in mind that other players might have a similar mentality as well. It implies that the procedure is not so straightforward, and you need to invest time and effort into achieving positive results. There are few practical alternatives to merely focusing on killing your opponents, like using the Helicopter Strat to improve your odds of placing almost every game among the top-ranking. But it requires practice and works wonders for Battle Pass users.

There is another option of taking advantage of the daily and weekly challenges that grant considerable XP upon completion. It might be a slow procedure, but it is important to note that something is better than nothing. Furthermore, use the Double XP system alongside your friends in the multiplayer mode to boost the weapon unlocking process. Of course, there is no denying that regardless of how much tips and tricks you use to exploit the XP system, the XP that comes from winning a game of Modern Warfare or Warzone remains unrivaled in every aspect. So, the more you play, the more chances you will have to get your hands on your desired weapon.

On the other hand, the weapon that comes with the official seasonal Battle Pass requires you to grind and meet the Tier requirements. For instance, the AN-94 Assault Rifle from the Season 5 Battle Pass unlocked after hitting Tier 31. Even if someone missed the previous seasons and could not get their desired weapon, such players can still undergo the specific in-game challenges and unlock them. But these challenges could be extremely harsh and might push you shooting skills to the limit. In this case, the best example is one of the most popular weapons of all times, the GRAU 5.56, from Season 2, which demands you to kill five opponents under one minute with the help of Assault Rifles a total of 25 times.

Looking at the most recent weapons that came with season 6 of Modern Warfare, the AS VAL and the SP-R208 Marksman Rifle is no shy of an excellent weapon choice to pursue COD enthusiasts. The essential requirement is to purchase the Battle Pass and reach the Tier that features that particular weapon.

Benefits of COD MW Weapon Unlock

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is all about shooting down your opponents, and each weapon in the game gives off a different feeling and brings about something original alongside it. The death of every opponent becomes more exciting. Every gun in MW and Warzone has its perks, and how it operates on the field of battle makes you want to experience it firsthand. With the introduction of new camos and eye-catching reticles, it asks for you to grab that weapon and get your hands on the rewards as soon as possible.

There is no denying that some weapons in COD MW and Warzone are much better compared to others in terms of efficiency. When you merge it with the high-tier attachments, it heightens your weapon's potential by leaps and bounds and gives you a notable edge over your opponents. At the same time, it gives you an excuse to brag about your achieving in front of other players. Overall, pursuing a weapon and raising its level broadens your horizon, which comes in handy under unfavorable gaming conditions as you have more options in your arsenal. However, the tiresome and difficult challenges sometimes ruin the mood and put a halt to your quest.

Still, there are more than enough alternatives and approaches that one can take to achieve the desired result. One of them is the COD weapon unlock boost that incorporates professional methods to pursue the weapon challenges in a more convenient way. Of course, the Battle Pass weapons could be opened in an instant by spending some bucks and saving the trouble of endless hours of grinding to hit that weapon's required level. It is not that straightforward in the case of casual weapons in Modern Warfare that requires completing unique challenges for each weapon class. In such cases, professional services help a lot in gaining XP more efficiently and make the weapon unlocking procedure relatively effortless.

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