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Cold War Dark Matter DM Ultra Camo Unlock

4.9 (7)


This service will unlock Cold War DM Ultra camo for all CoD:Black Ops Weapons. In order to unlock the DM Ultra Camo our booster will unlock Diamond Camo for every weapon Class - it means the booster will unlock all basic camos for every single weapon in the game. The booster will play multiplayer matchmaking in order to do that. The DM Ultra Camo is a beast looking end-game camo everyone wants to have. We will make sure you unlock that prestigious camo in the most efficient way and save tons of your time.

We guarantee your account safety during boosting process. It is not hack tool or modding tool or "custom lobby". We don't use any of it as it lead to ban. We offer only safe matchmaking boosting by hand.

In order to unlock Dark Matter Ultra Camo you need to have all diamond camos for 29 basic weapons:

  • Assault rifles (5 weapons) - XM4, AK-47, Krig 6, QBZ-83, FFAR 1
  • SMGs (5 weapons) - MP5, Milano 821, AK-74u, KSP 45, Bullfrog
  • Tactical rifles (4 weapons) - Type 63, M16, AUG, DMR 14
  • LMGs (3 weapons) - Stoner 63, RPD, M60
  • Sniper rifles (3 weapons) - Pellington 703, LW3-Tundra, M82
  • Shotguns (2 weapons) - Hauer 77, Galo SA12
  • Pistols (3 weapons) - 1911, Magnum, Diamatti
  • Launchers (2 weapons) - Cigma 2, RPG-7
  • Melee & Special (2 weapons) - M79, Knife


Can you unlock DM Ultra for a single weapon?

  • It is not possible to unlock Dark Matter Ultra for just a single weapon. It is required to have all categories diamond in order to have access to DM Ultra. Once all categories are diamond then unlocking a gold camo will also unlock diamond as well as Dm Ultra.

Can I use my account when my cod: cold war DM Ultra camo unlock service in progress?

  • It is possible to arrange a time to play with a booster, while the booster is not online. However, it is not recommended to avoid any kind of possible issues. 

Do you use hack tool to open Dark Matter Ultra?

  • No, we don't use any hack tool, we do that in matchmaking games, without any hack tools.

Core Benefits:

  • DM Ultra Camo for all weapons
  • Some experience for your profile
  • Some experience for your weapon(s)
  • Some multiplayer starts increased

Dark Matter cold war Ultra Camo Boosting

One would be hard-pressed to find a gamer or video games fan anywhere on the planet who is not familiar with the Call of Duty franchise. This massive series of first-person shooters is today one of the most popular titles in any genre. With the release of Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the series became even more prevalent in all FPS circles, which now number hundreds of millions of players, streamers, and fans. Out of those, countless individuals are both interested and engaged in the titles that the cod franchise has to offer. That applies in particular to the multiplayer aspects of the game and how these are enjoyed in 6-vs-6, 12-vs-12, and the 40-player Fireteam mode. However, it is also known that a range of particular aspects of the game, like camos and other elements, often demand a lot of time and effort. That applies to Warzone just as much as to Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. Often, that would involve countless hours of grinding and testing experience that for many individuals takes out all of the fun. Fortunately for anyone in a similar situation, there are cod booster services that allow anyone to get things like dm ultra warzone or dark matter cold war ultra without any special effort or hassle. Getting Dark Matter Ultra is a very prestige as it is an end game awesome looking camo.

CoD Dm Ultra Boosting Process

There is a long and established practice of boosting services that are able to attain things like how to unlock dark matter ultra in cold war 3 or dark matter ultra camo for anyone that chooses to use them. That takes place through a process where the player gives over their account to a team of professional boosters. These individuals are all long-time players of the cod games and have a lot of experience with getting cold war dm ultra or anything else that the same person might be looking for. Once they provide access to the same account, the professional boosters go to work and develop a predefined strategy, that is completely legitimate and safe from the perspective of the game developers, to get those things. While the boosting process takes place the owner of the account can relax and simply wait for the end results. These will come in the form of them getting dark matter ultra camo cold war, cod cold war dm ultra, or cheap dm ultra, depending on what was agreed initially. With nothing more than that, the service will be completed and the person will get back their account, now equipped with the previous camo they have been looking for. That means that they have to lose neither time nor effort to play the game repeatedly so that they could have a dm ultra cold war camo, for example. Instead, the same boosting service and its dedicated professionals will resolve that problem for them

It is true that dark matter ultra camo services can resolve the problem that a player has with getting that camo or any other one they might be looking for. However, it is also true that these services come with many additional benefits that make it a natural option for practically any cod player. Firstly, these dm ultra camo cold war services are the least expensive out of any alternative on the market. That means that the company providing them is intentionally taking a smaller percentage cut of the services so that they can make them as cheap as possible. That offers a way for more players to get more dm ultra in warzone or how to unlock dm ultra in cold war 3 services, and thus attain the things they have been after for some time. As for the boosters that the services use, these are all veteran players that come from all regions, which include SEA, China, Europe, and the Americas, who are playing on all platforms. These cover not just PC setups, but also the big consoles, meaning Xbox and PS.


Requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War DM Ultra Camo Unlock Service:

1. The weapon(s) should be unlocked


Fill in order details and choose additional options
Go to check-out and add funds to purchase the service (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Wechat, Bitcoin and more)
Provide your account details needed to complete the order — access details or char name
Track your order progress in personal cabinet, communicate with booster and manage your order!
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