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COD:Modern Warfare Camo Boost

Vanguard Assaul... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Ethanjneu
Thank you!!
Verified 14.08.2022
COD:MW Assault... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Ethanjneu
Thank you. If you’re iffy about this service and reading these reviews like I was don’t think it’s fake. I’ve been asking these guys for help for awhile now and they’re always helpful and communicate great.
Verified 01.08.2022
Cold War SMGs G... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
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Thank you so much, efficient and kind as always
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Vanguard Atomic... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
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Its done but not all the game base guns
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COD:MW Assault... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
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Thank you!!!
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Vanguard Sniper... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
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Cold War Assaul... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Ethanjneu
Thank you, I appreciate it
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Apex Legends Ra... Apex Legends Boosting Service
By x808z
Booster rating reviewed
Verified 13.07.2022
Apex Legends Ra... Apex Legends Boosting Service
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Job done exceptionally!
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Lost Ark Accoun... Lost Ark Boosting Service
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fast service
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What is COD Gold Camo?

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare, gold camo is among the four mystery camouflage classes available - Gold, Obsidian, Platinum, and Damascus. Gold camo basically makes weapons covered in golden style. The road towards unlocking golden camo is rather odd natured, considering the challenges differ from each other, and some of them are so eerie that it can take tons of games to complete it. Although there are tons of camos throughout the game that players might use, the gold camo has an entirely different vibe to it, which makes you feel special among the rest of the players.

It does not restrict your progression after you trigger the Gold camo on your favorite weapon. It is available for all guns and explicitly leads to the opening of the next tier camo, like Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian. It means that Gold camo is the most basic cod mw warzone camo to boost fo your account as it is required for any other prestigious camo in the game.

How to Unlock COD MW Gold Camo?

If you are looking forward to giving a shot at unlocking the basic and cool looking camo class, Gold camo demands you to undertake a particular essential procedure to unlock all basic camos for each weapon. Finally, you will find yourself having the luxury to modify your favorite weapons by using this magnificent camo.

For each weapon, you can open up a massive total of 103 distinct camouflages when it comes to camos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Each camo has its specification and elegance to it, but they are all split up into ten key categories. To unlock them, each class incorporates ten unique camos that require particular challenges for players. Depending on the type of camo, those challenges differ.

The ten camo categories in Modern Warfare comprise of Dragon, Digital, Tiger, Spray Paint, Skulls, Woodland, Topo, Reptile, Splinter, and Stripes. All of them only become available if you raise the weapon’s XP. Afterward, every camo will ask you to get a given number of kills over opponents for unlocking it, depending on the category.

• Spray Paint - Secure enemy kills

• Woodland - Secure enemy kills by Headshotting them

• Digital - Crouch on the ground and secure enemy kills at the same time

• Dragon - Secure kills by hip firing your opponents

• Splinter - Secure enemy kills via long shots

• Topo - Secure kills while in a mounted position

• Tiger - Secure kills with the use of all attachment slots on your gun

• Stripes - Secure kills immediately after reloading your weapon

• Reptile - Secure kills without any attachment slots on your gun

• Skulls - Secure three opponent kills without dying

What is COD MW Gold Camo Boosting?

COD gold camo boosting is a process in which a highly qualified booster completes your particular demands of unlocking camos in the game in your place. A booster will open all basic camos in order to unlock the golden camo. It does not only restrict to camo boosting, but you can also apply for boosting COD ranking or KD stats, or any potential feature in the game. The booster can grant Warzone Gold camouflage for the whole weapon class when it comes to boosting for gold camo unlock or something down the line to get you one step closer to hitting your target.

CoD MW Gold camo boosting or indeed any camo boosting is an outstanding service that preserves a significant amount of time and effort towards accomplishing your goal. In addition, it can actually take to several hundred games to obtain the Camos of Obsidian and Damascus, which can be an utter nightmare to do it yourself. So, to relieve your struggles and unlock your favorite camo, COD camo boosting is an extremely beneficial and efficient procedure for you to achieve your goal in the best possible manner.

How to unlock COD MW Damascus camo?

In order to unlock damascus modern warfare camo, you need to unlock a platinum camo for every weapon class in the game - meaning you need to unlock all golden camos.

The fundamental prerequisite for obtaining the Damascus camo in Modern Warfare is that you will remain stuck at the starting line unless you do not get camouflage on every single weapon in the game. What this entails is that there are a handful of guns in the game, 39 to be more precise, so getting gold camo on all of them is your main objective. Both primary and secondary weapons play a significant role in this procedure, with the sole exception of the DLC weapons.

How to Unlock COD MW Obsidian Camo?

The quest towards dressing your favorite weapon with the Obsidian Camo in Modern Warfare commences after getting your hands on the Gold camo for every single gun. After fulfilling the criteria of earning the Gold camos, it is vital to keep in mind that you only need Gold camo on weapons in order to pursue the Obsidian camo. This camo does not include seeking the Platinum and Damascus camos, but there is no harm in obtaining them for yourself for the sake of adventure. It means you need to buy CoD MW Obsidian Camo Boosting separately from Platinum or Damascus camos.

How to unlock COD MW Platinum camo?

To unlock Platinum camo for your weapons, a player has to unlock the Gold Camo on all weapons of a particular class. Do not get confused; let's clear it with an example. Assume you want a Platinum Camo for your blood pouring MP7; to unlock it, you must max level all the SMGs with Gold camo. Although you might expect it to be easy, it is way more complicated than it sounds. But once you open this gorgeous camo, you will have the luxury to customize your favorite weapons according to your own free will.

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