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Call of Duty Weapon Leveling

Any Vanguard As... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By ZAndreas
Very good!
Verified 16.11.2021
Any Vanguard SM... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By ZAndreas
You are great
Verified 24.11.2021
COD:MW Warzone... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Rani Ramli
Excellent work on the bundle boost for Warzone. I strongly recommend this service.
Verified 11.11.2021
Call of Duty Cu... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Michaelbollen
Fast en great service
Verified 07.11.2021
Cold War LMGs D... Call of Duty Boosting - MW Cold War Vanguard Boosting
By Martin
I thought it was settled after all this mess. I still ordered 2/3 BASIC weapons, as I would go get the rest few challenges left for MG82 gold. Booster has only boosted 1/3 BASIC weapons. I thought we were in the clear of what happened and what was going to happen :/
Verified 06.11.2021
Buy BF2042 S-L... Battlefield 2042 Boosting Service
By nileees
Very good service i would use it again anytime!
Verified 24.11.2021
Apex Legends Ra... Apex Legends Boosting Service
By Mike
Verified 24.11.2021
Dota 2 Unranked... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By bejorn_lee
very bad service late and not even good win rate as you would expect from a booster way to over priced also
Verified 29.11.2021
Buy BF2042 Acco... Battlefield 2042 Boosting Service
By zeller.karim
Thanks for getting it done so quickly, even with the network problems yesterday :)
Verified 03.12.2021
Dota 2 MMR Boos... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By Mayday
pro gamer ty :)
Verified 07.12.2021

What is COD Weapon Leveling?

Weapon Leveling is COD Modern Warfare refers to the procedure of boosting up your weapon to the maximum level in the game in a short timeframe. There is an official rank assigned to each weapon in the game and requires the player to undergo specific criteria to get their hands on it. This feature made its first introduction in the COD MW3 and became popular among the community in no time. Aside from merely grinding your favorite weapon, Modern Warfare offers tons of customizable features as you level up that significantly improve your guns' specs and aesthetics.

COD MW weapon power leveling bases on the standard system, which requires you to earn XP by playing the game. Regardless of whether you are participating in multiplayer or any other game mode, your opponent's death is the sole medium that will grant XP. It applies to the Warzone as well as the XP shares among the weapons, whether you use it in MW multiplayer. In fact, it might be more efficient, considering you end up using a variety of weapons against a massive total of more than 100 opponents, 147 to be more precise. The more enemies you end up killing, the more their death will fuel up your weapons with an XP boost. Also, the weapon progress carries over regardless of whether you play on PC or PlayStation 4.

How does Call of Duty Weapon Leveling Work?

First and foremost, COD MW and Warzone weapon leveling follow a particular level and order for all weapons regardless of the type. Though the primary weapons come with a total of 31 levels and secondary weapons, on the other hand, they only have a maximum limit of 10 levels. Countless customization options unlock for the weapons as you level up, which include unique reticles, attachments, camos, and much more.

After reaching the maximum level of a primary weapon, it earns you a Gold camo for that weapon, which is essential if you wish to unlock the other mystery camos in the Completionist category. Each primary and secondary weapon requires a predetermined amount of XP to reach the maximum level, with the final level demanding more XP than prior levels.

Modern Warfare Weapon Leveling

When it comes to Modern Warfare weapon leveling, weapon XP works in a different way compared to the standard XP. While getting a kill is a crucial element of the game, making use of the right tools can significantly boost your COD experience. Most of the time, you will even be able to cover up losing a game with a hefty amount of weapon XP. The strategy should be to partake in the game modes that offer more combat, which leads to more killing potential.

Making use of the double XP events is also an ideal strat, but the most notable strategy should be to focus on a single weapon at a time. Each weapon comes with different challenges and attachments, so adjusting the loadout to your needs will boost your odds of coming out on top in the majority of the games.

Warzone Weapon Leveling

Aside from aimlessly playing for endless hours and waiting for killing opportunities once in a while, you can boost your Warzone weapon leveling experience by undergoing the game's guidelines. Compared to the standard MW multiplayer, Warzone games are relatively slow-paced and result in fewer kills than other modes of the game. But, if you are good enough, you might get yourself a total of 147 kills but unfortunately, accomplishing that feat is more dreamlike and close to impossible.

Still, there are more than enough approaches to boost your weapon leveling, whether purchasing the Battle Pass, completing game objectives, or playing together with an experienced booster or your friends. Creating opportunities for yourself and taking multiple approaches at a time can grant you better chances at success in Warzone as well as Modern Warfare.

Benefits of COD Vanguard Weapon Leveling

Weapon Leveling in COD MW comes with tons of benefits that players can feast upon, whether it be attachments that unlock with each level or Perks and unique Camos for the weapons. The Camos showcase your weapon's progress and show the effort it takes to achieve that feast. The different reticles, such as the blue dot reticle, is among the highlight features of the MW that boosts your weapon's appearance and potential to the next level.

Aside from the weapon progression, playing with that weapon helps you get more familiar with that weapon and understand its pros and cons during the gameplay at a deeper level. More often than not, it becomes incredibly challenging to get your hands on the desired reward, and in such cases, there is always MW weapon boosting services as an alternative that helps fulfill your desires. Simultaneously, it becomes an excellent learning curve to help you perform better and handle the most challenging situations skillfully with a much calmer and collected approach.

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