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Dota 2 MMR Boos... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By VooDoo
Verified 08.10.2020
Dota 2 MMR Boos... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By NightPlayer
very good plays, excellent players, and fast
Verified 15.10.2020
Dota 2 MMR Boos... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By Edward
Awesome. Really great
Verified 15.10.2020
Dota 2 Behavior... Dota 2 Boosting Service
By Dr. Rednax
Very efficient and reliable . Keep up the good work. Cheers!
Verified 14.10.2020
COD:MW SMGs Obs... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Boosting
By Lil Mayne
Quick and beastly games!!
Verified 23.10.2020
COD:MW Assault... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Boosting
By fiftytwo
great job!
Verified 27.10.2020
Cold War Launch... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Aaicici
Awesome service! I wish you guys to finish everything in personal area so I can spend my bonus coins somehow LOL recommended!
Verified 02.01.2021
CS:GO Faceit Bo... CS: GO Boosting Service
By Jack
Fair price. Got it done quickly. Good booster.
Verified 11.10.2020
Cold War LMGs G... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Ppo
Verified 18.11.2020
COD:BO Cold War... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
Very fast leveling service and much cheaper to other services. I will buy more for sure.
Verified 19.11.2020
COD:BO Cold War... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Mayday
had to wait a bit to start but boosting was fantastic!
Verified 21.11.2020
Cold War Melee... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Nobody
Fast and good services very happy with my boost :)
Verified 25.11.2020
Cold War DM Ult... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Zek
awesome boosting service. fast boosting. I even got my battlepass boosted for free!
Verified 04.12.2020
CoD:BO Cold War... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By Quilly
It is a good way to have something done in game if you are busy and don't have time to unlock everything in game
Verified 26.12.2020
Cold War Pistol... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By 扬名立万
Boost was super efficient
Verified 27.12.2020
Apex Any Badge... Apex Legends Boosting Service
20 kills. 3 hours. 4000 damage. 30 min. 2 badges. 3 hours and 30 min. I would rate 6 stars if I could
Verified 13.10.2020
Apex Legends Ra... Apex Legends Boosting Service
By Stre667
Pro boost from gold to diamond in just 3 days. Recommended!
Verified 13.10.2020
Valorant Rank b... Valorant Boosting Service
By Adam
best booster service. I was hesitant at first but the booster was a professional player and finished much faster than expected. Highly recommended!
Verified 08.11.2020
COD:MW Warzone... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Boosting
By fiftytwo
Good work here
Verified 31.10.2020
Cold War SMGs D... CoD:BO Cold War Boosting Service
By BTC100K
ez pz 2 day boost. i am buying more
Verified 03.01.2021

What is the Dota 2 game?

Dota 2 (Defence Of The Ancient 2) is an extremely popular MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena online game designed by Icefrog and developed by Valve, also creators of the popular FPS game CS:GO. This is an online 5x5 game with 2 teams trying to destroy each other's base.

Every player chooses one of more than a hundred available heroes and bans a few for the enemy team. Usually, players pick a team composition of few core and support roles - those roles have numbers from 1 to 5 which determine their farming priority.

During the match players kill neutral and enemy creeps (NPCs) to farm the gold which is used to buy items. Every team tries to pick good fights to take advantage of the enemy team in order to destroy their base (ancient). The first team to destroy it wins the match.

There are many different heroes, skills, items in the game which make this game very difficult for new players however, once you learn all of it you can truly feel why millions of players love this game.

What is Dota 2 Boosting?

Dota 2 boosting - a set of services that help the player achieve the desired results in the Dota 2 game.

There is a ranked matchmaking system in DotA 2 like in any other eSports game (ladder). The higher your rank is the stronger teammates and opponents you play with. However, sometimes the matchmaking ranked system feels unfair in dota 2 because of many factors. For example, dota 2 coordinator (special bot which combines teams for public matchmaking) tries to make it “fair” and tries to make winrate of each player around 50%. That means every player has weaker teammates and stronger enemies after any winstreak.

Dota 2 Boosting helps players to archive desired or lost MMR in Dota 2. Such service is called Dota 2 MMR Boosting which can be done in solo mmr boosting (booster plays on your account) and duo mmr boosting (you play with a booster).

Besides that, dota 2 boosting services also include many other services to save time and archive faster results - like remove low priority games, increase dota 2 winrate, boost behavior score, and many other dota 2 boosting services.

How safe are Dota 2 Boosting services?

Any type of account share boosting service is considered to be risky for your account as Valve does not allow you to share your account with anyone. However, it also means that you can’t share your account with your friend, family member etc. The most risky type of service to order for account share is Dota 2 MMR Boosting service as Valve tries to track boosters and disable matchmaking for such accounts. Other dota 2 boosting services like low priority removal, behavior score boosting are almost 100% safe. team do it’s best to avoid such detection - we use VPN to log in, our boosters never use all chat and try to play as safe and undetected as possible. That includes some losses, lower KDA, GPM and XPM which our boosters do on purpose to avoid Valve’s antibooster system detection.

We do recommend to use Dota 2 DUO Boosting options for any low-mid brackets accounts for MMR Boosting type of services.

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